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TS-34BR02B Double Induction & Ceramic Cooker

Short Description:


Germany schott glass

Germany IGBT

EGO heater

(Left):2100w  ceramic part

(Right):3000w induction part

8 Power Setting

LED Screen Display

Touch Control

Digital Timer

Safety Lock

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Product Description

This smart cooker is the TS-34BR02B double induction/ceramic cooker. It combines induction and ceramic components to suit all of your cooking needs and fix the two types of pots that we frequently use in daily life. This pop mixed model had excellent sales. Slide controls are used to adjust the temperature, timing, and power levels. The top glass is made by the renowned German company Schott, while the interior ceramic heater is made by the renowned German company EGO. We create the inner program on our own. The benefits of an induction cooker include energy savings, environmental protection, safety, no open flames, improvements to chef health, quicker heating times, and quick cooking.

All types of kitchens, including those in homes, hot pot establishments, hotels, and shopping centers, as well as situations where there is no fuel supply or a restriction on the use of fuel for open fires, can benefit from the use of electromagnetic cookers. We provide a means for healthy food, and we embrace your health, so that you will enjoy using the smart cooker and cooking more nutritious meals for your family. We have over 15 years of expertise in this field, are a reputable producer of induction and ceramic cookers, and we can take OEM and ODM orders.


Technical Specifications

Size 735*435mm
Power 3400 W (230 V ~) / Plate L 2100 W / Plate R 3000 W
Weight 9.75 kg
Dim. (H/W/D) 735 x 435x 70 MM
Installation (H/W/D) 680 x 410 MM
Housing Black
Article-No. TS-34BR02B

Product Features

Icon for an induction stove Cooking on an induction hob is the newest fad in the kitchen. By directly heating the base of your cookware rather than the cooktop's surface, induction cooktops heat only the food being cooked. The end result is safer, cleaner, and more energy-efficient cooking! Cooktops with induction technology react far more quickly than those with gas or ceramic burners. Also, they are quite simple to manage. Induction is ideal for all forms of cooking since it can be controlled precisely in terms of power.

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