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TS-35B11 Double Induction Cooker

Short Description:


Half Bridge Circuit

Germany IGBT



Total power 3500W

8 Power Setting

LED Screen Display

Light Shadow + Knob Touch Control

Digital Timer

Safety Lock

White glass design, galvanized sheet base tray

Product Detail

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Product Description

Household electrical appliance, we always bring u a happy cooking way. TS-35B11 double induction cooker, this is a smart cooker using the technology of double relay to control the program. low power continue heating start from 250 degree. it is our new design which using the magnetic knob for control the up and down power, timer, and temperature. Top glass is from Germany brand SCHOTT, which is the top famous brand, we design the inner program our-self, outlook can be design as customer need. Induction cooker has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, no open fire, fixs to the health of chefs, it can shorter the heating time and fast cooking. Electromagnetic cookers are suitable for all kinds of kitchens too such as homes, hot pot shops, hotels and shopping malls, as well as non-fuel supply or restrictions on the use of fuel prohibited open fire occasions. Smart cooker will make u enjoy your kitchen and make more healthy food for your family, we create a way for healthy food, we embrace your health. we can accept OEM , ODM orders, we have over 15 years of experience on it, we are professional manufacturer of induction and ceramic cooker.

Technical Specifications

Size 735*435mm
Power Total 3500 W (230 V ~) / Plate L 3000 W / Plate R 3000 W
Weight 10.75 kg
Dim. (H/W/D) 735 x 435x 70 MM
Installation (H/W/D) 710 x 410 MM
Housing white
Article-No. TS-35B11

Product Features

Induction cooktop
The latest trend in the kitchen is cooking with induction hobs. Induction cooktops generate heat directly at the bottom of the cooktop, heating only the food, not the surface of the cooktop. The result is more energy efficient, cleaner, and safer cooking! Induction cooktops respond much faster than traditional gas cooktops or ceramic cooktops. They are also very easy to control. The ability to precisely control power makes induction suitable for all types of cooking.

Cooking zones
This cooktop comes with 2 cooking zones.

Design trim
This cooktop has a stylish trim which will look brilliant in any kitchen.

Mono touch slider
With the Mono touch Slider you can control all cooking zones comes with one control. One light touch is all it takes, whether your hands are too hot, too cold or caked with ingredients, this sophisticated pressure technology never fails to deliver.

Basic cook
Simple operation and stress-free cooking. Entry level appliances that offer brand quality at a great price.

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