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Won a good reputation in the Chinese NO 12th Home Appliance Marketing Annual Conference in the year 2022


The induction & ceramic mixed model TS-35BR11, is our newest model, it is mix with induction and ceramic cookers which use the EURO KERA glass and EGO heater inside. We adopt the display knob to control it with white LED light. This model won a good reputation in the Chinese NO 12th Home Appliance Marketing Annual Conference in the year 2022.

news-2In 2022, the "Rock Award" will cover more comprehensive production, research and marketing systems such as product manufacturing, technology research, marketing innovation, channel operation, and terminal word of mouth, and annotate brand manufacturing advantages and user value in multiple dimensions. The 2022 annual market reputation award, quality award, bench marking award, bench marking award and other product category awards will be awarded. As well as the growth model, outstanding value, rock-solid and other brand category awards, we commend the brand cluster that has made unremitting research and development in physical manufacturing and laid a solid foundation for the development of the household appliance industry.

Vertically, the 2022 Rock Award involves household appliance manufacturers, operators, service providers, retailers, e-commerce, comfort integrates and other manufacturers. Awards for channel strength, channel value, new channel power, service bench marking and other channel business categories will be awarded. Focus on industrial and commercial cooperation, insight into the change and capture of business opportunities, set industry benchmarks, and show the high-quality image of participants in the modern home appliance industry. And the honor of "Rock" will be awarded to those industry defenders, participants and promoters who are not afraid of waves and have the courage to compete in the market.

As the annual heavyweight award of China's home appliance industry, the "Rock Award" has witnessed the development of China's home appliance industry for more than ten years since its launch. The "Rock Award" upholds the spirit of "rock solid", promotes precision manufacturing, advocates, encourages and promotes the development path of industry branding. It aims to inject practical and upward force into the upstream and downstream industrial chain of home appliances.

Post time: Jan-11-2023