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Attend The Canton Fair

Since the year 2006, our company has actively participated in every Canton Fair, at which we demonstrated the latest research and development of advanced technology and the latest products, have been praised by customers and reached a friendly long-term cooperation. At the same time, our company also has selective participation in a number of foreign exhibitions, to learn more about international trade market, open up more markets!


Under the severe background of increasingly complex foreign trade environment, the procurement of this Canton Fair will meet expectations, and the stability of quality will be better. In this Canton Fair, it is worth mentioning that the stability of new procurement attendance has been maintained, with 74722 participants, accounting for 45.93%, an increase of 1.37 percentage points compared with the same period. This can effectively bring more diversified international market to enterprises, thus optimizing the layout of the global market, and also further expand the circle of friends of China's foreign trade, including the layout and contacts of the market.


From the year 2020, we also join the on-line exhibition canton fair every time , we surely will keep the same service to all customers.

In this year 2022, canton fair also be hold on-line. Since the opening of the 132nd Canton Fair online on October 15, the overall operation has been stable. As of October 24, the cumulative number of visitors on the official website of the Canton Fair has reached 10.42 million, with 38.56 million visits, up 3.27% and 13.75% respectively from the previous session.
Since the opening, more than 35000 domestic and foreign exhibitors, more than 3 million exhibits in 16 categories and 50 exhibition areas, and buyers from more than 220 countries and regions have gathered on the cloud platform of the Canton Fair to carry out trade cooperation, fully demonstrating the charm of "Made in China", and also demonstrating China's firm determination to expand its opening-up.


From October 25th, 2022 to March 15th, 2023, the online platform of the Canton Fair will enter the normal operation stage, and other functions will continue to be open, except for the suspension of exhibitors' connection and reservation negotiation functions. We are looking forward to cooperate with more enterprises to taking advantage of the charm of "China's First Exhibition" to achieve fruitful results.

Post time: Jan-11-2023